And so it begins! My first blog post and my 2nd(ish) round of Whole30. I say ish because I made a weak attempt at round two a few weeks ago but didn’t realize an annual beach vacation fell right in the middle of it. Needless to say it was more like the Whole15. I’m ready to go for real this time! I even got a couple coworkers to do it with me and we started on Monday.



I have an advantage going into things this round because I know what to expect. I have a few recipes on hand that I haven’t gotten tired of and I really WANT the results. I spent today cleaning out my fridge and cupbards of all processed goodies and stocking up on my meats, veggies, fruit and (wait for it…) POTATOES. Yep. You read that right. Potatoes–not just sweet potatoes–are now Whole30 compliant. This, my friends, is a game changer. I’m hoping that being able to have this white starch will keep me from hitting that Whole30 exhaustion around day 4 and 5. Fingers crossed!

On Sunday, I took this great Chicken Enchilada Bake recipe from the fabulous PaleOMG and gave it a go. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of it before I dug in. I’ll have to remember to do that now that I’m going to be blogging a few recipes here and there. It was delicious and I have quite a bit leftover that will last me for a few meals this week. I threw some bacon and brussel sprouts in the oven for a side and voila!.

I also threw a pork loin in the crock pot with some salt and pepper. I’ll use that meat to mix things up throughout the week for meals. Luckily, I have some tasty Tessamaes BBQ sauce to throw on the pork and make it a little zesty treat. With this diet– food prep is key, so it was a busy day in my kitchen!

Stay tuned y’all– more to come as I get this thing rolling!



About Fit With Lo

I'm your average girl working as a PR professional in Washington, DC and documenting my passion for fitness, food and family. Thanks for joining me on my trek to wellness
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