Gear Review: Fabletics

Here it is! The gear review I promised y’all a few posts ago!

Fabletics. Have you heard of it? In short, it’s the athletic clothing line that Kate Hudson has co-founded. Here is how it works:

You create an account and take a quiz so the stylists can get an idea of what type of workout gear you are looking for. The questions fall in line with “what/where type of workout do you like?” “what color scheme jumps out to you?”, etc. etc. Once you complete the quiz their style experts will send you their picks they think are best for you based off your answers. You’ll get a full outfit– pants, top, and sports bra or pants, top and a head band– wait for it, for $29.95. That’s a FULL outfit for a third of the cost of some of those fancy yoga pants people spend their money on.

The catch is that only your first order is $29.95. Once you create an account you are automatically signed up as a VIP member. As a VIP member you can get a full outfit for $49.95 each month. On the first of each month, they will send you brand new outfits to choose from based on your style picks. They will automatically charge your card by the 5th of each month if you don’t purchase anything or you don’t choose to skip that month. But! At least you have the option to skip that month and NOT get charged. As a VIP member you also get free shipping and returns on all of your orders. So, go set a reminder on your calendar for the 4th of each month to either purchase or skip and not get charged!

I think the VIP status is a good deal. I’m guilty of spending upwards of $50 for a pair of Under Armour capris to workout in. But with Fabletics, I can get a up to 3 articles of clothing that are the same quality if not better at a lower price. It seems to me you get a little more bang for your buck with Fabletics!

Now, how does it feel when working out? Well, I’ll be honest and tell you I was skeptical about the open back top. I was afraid people would say “hey Lo, you have a hole in your shirt!” But, I was wrong. I got a lot of compliments on the top and even had a few other girls at my gym come up and say they love their Fabletics gear, too! The top was light, easy to move around in and very airy. I loved working out in it. 

The top I ordered from the Spring collection. Photo Cred: Fabeltics

The top I ordered from the Spring collection. Photo Cred: Fabeltics

The sports bra was great as well. It was the perfect amount of support for the burpees we did the day I wore it and the criss cross straps in the back looked great with my top.

The best news about the outfit is that the capris I ordered passed the squat test! Yes, you can wear your brightest pair of undies with these pants and not worry about anyone else being able to see them when you’re squatting or doing any other type of workout. All my ladies out there know how important this is when it comes to buying any kind of workout pants.

My full Fabletics outfit!

My full Fabletics outfit!

I forgot to mention that you can rack up points for a free outfit. You get 20 points for each review you write on their website, points for each purchase you make and points for referring a friend. So go check out Fabletics and sign up for your fabulous fitness gear! I plan to keep my VIP status going. Who cares if I have more workout gear than I do clothes for my job! 

Tonight, me and a few friends are going to watch the DC Brawlers take on the Philadelphia Founders in their first home match of the National Professional Grid League! It’s my first time going to a fitness competition like this, but I’m looking forward to it and will be sure to fill y’all in on what I see.

Happy Fabletics shopping!


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