Have no Fear Cas is Here!

Hi, I’m Cas! When Lo asked me to guest blog about my running, at first I was super excited and then super nervous–but now I’m excited again! I have to start by saying that I am by no means an expert or extraordinary runner. I am just a girl that enjoys running.

I run for many reasons. Sometimes because I had a great day and want to celebrate it by running, sometimes because I had an awful day and running helps to clear my mind and sometimes…I  just run because I ate too much Chipotle! Most of the time I run for the feeling I get. The feeling of accomplishment, strength and freedom. I don’t always love getting up in the mornings to run, but I always love the feeling I have once I am done.

So where does one find this “love of running” that I keep speaking about? Well, I got it from my Mom. (It’s OK if the she get-it-from-her-Mama song just popped into your head.) She has been running since I was a baby and is a veteran marathoner. I started running track and cross country in 8th grade. From the start, my Mom has encouraged me to run and has always been there with me to do it; running is kind of our thing. Whenever I go home to visit the family, one thing I can always count on is getting a run in with my Mom and I always look forward to it.

Mom & me after winning our age groups at the Armed Forces Day 8 Miler

Mom & me after winning our age groups at the Armed Forces Day 8 Miler

During college, I would go for a run here and there (in between classes, crew and partying of course!) but the running bug really hit me again after I graduated. I started to sign up for 10Ks and half marathons and in 2012 I decided I wanted to run a marathon–with my mom of course. My first marathon was her 13th marathon!

I did not enjoy training for a marathon, but I think that is normal for first time marathoners! I didn’t train like I should have, but I will save those details for another post. After completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 2012 I swore I’d never run another one. But here we are three years later and I am training for my third marathon. This time around, I am truly enjoying the training program I am using and am hoping for another great run in October. Don’t worry, my next post will tell you about the killer training program I am following right now– so you’ll have to come back for more!

Pictures from my first ever marathon! Finished with a time of 4:11

Pictures from the 2013 MCM! Finished with a time of 4:11

I’m excited to share my running thoughts and experiences with you–what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. I hope you enjoy my posts and find them entertaining and informative, and hopefully I can give you a tip or two to help you enjoy your runs as much as I enjoy mine! Next week I’ll tell you about the training program I’m using to tackle my third marathon.

 Until next time, I’ll be out pounding the pavement!



About Fit With Lo

I'm your average girl working as a PR professional in Washington, DC and documenting my passion for fitness, food and family. Thanks for joining me on my trek to wellness
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