Recipes and a Confession

Happy Monday y’all! Remember me? Probably not seeing as it’s been ages since my last post. Sorry bout that. I’ve been traveling and then I was sick and then I was just lazy. BUT—I’ve got good news for y’all! I have two really great recipes to tell you about today.

Yesterday- I went to town in my kitchen and left my Momma speechless when I sent her pictures of me cooking!

My kitchen usually NEVER sees this much action!

My kitchen usually NEVER sees this much action!

But, before I get to the recipes I have a confession to make. Even though I don’t have a huge following on here, I feel like I still need to be honest with y’all and tell you that I cheated on my Whole30….a few times. Like, every weekend. Oopsie.

It’s hard to not drink beer during football season!

Since I cheated, I didn’t want to post my “results” since I didn’t REALLY do the whole challenge. I still saw small (like 3-4lbs) changes that I’m happy with, but I know it could have been so much more if I had stuck to it 100%. So, with that being said—I’ve decided I’ll follow a paleo-ish (emphasis on the ish!) diet through the holidays (yes I said holidays, they’ll be here before we know it) and will kick it back into gear with another Whole30 in January. What better way to start off the new year than with a healthy challenge?!

I figure this gives me time to get my mind right about it and maybe even pick up- a few more readers that would want to do it with me. What do you think?! You’ve got time to decide. But really, you should do it. It’ll change your life—for the better.

Onto these recipes that ransacked my kitchen yesterday.

Look at this fella! Have you ever seen a green pepper the size of a softball?

Look at this fella! Have you ever seen a green pepper the size of a softball?

It was time to get back on track this week with eating right. Per the usual I pulled up PaleOMG’s website to see what crock pot recipes seemed interesting and this is what I found: Enchilada Chicken Stew. Like most crock pot recipes, it was very easy and took less than 10 minutes to prep and throw it all into the pot. You can find the recipe here.

After I threw this stuff in the pot I got lazy and sat on my couch to watch football for a little bit. The Redskins were actually beating the Eagles at the time and that almost never (ever) happens so I had to watch it while we were winning. (Buzz kill: the Redskins ended up losing by 3 points. Womp Womp.)

When I was done being lazy I got back into the kitchen and made these beauties!

Stuffed Peppers-- it's what's for dinner! (and/or lunch!)

Stuffed Peppers– it’s what’s for dinner! (and/or lunch!)

I kind of pulled this recipe together on my own based off a few different ones I saw since I had never made these before. They’re about as easy as could be to make and they taste delicious! So, here you go:


– 1lbs of ground beef or ground turkey (I switched it up and used ground turkey this time—me likey!)
– 4 bell peppers of your choice
– 4 cloves of garlic (or less if you aren’t a garlic freak like me)
– 1 zucchini
– 1 yellow squash
– 1 onion (I sub onion powder since I’m one of the weirdos that hates onions)
– 4oz can of tomato paste
– salt & pepper to taste
– Tony Chachere’s to taste
– Oregano to taste
*Sorry for all the “to taste” I’m not good with measuring that stuff.


Slice the stems off your peppers and take the core/seeds out. Bring a large pot of water to boil and place the peppers in it for 5 minutes. I don’t know why you have to do this, but all the other recipes I saw said you had to in order to prep them for baking. So just do it. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease your baking dish with coconut oil or EVOO.

Boiling peppers-- how exciting! Remember, they only need to be in there for 5 minutes

Boiling peppers– how exciting! Remember, they only need to be in there for 5 minutes

While the peppers are boiling chop up the zucchini and squash—I recommend chopping each slice into 4 parts, it’s easier to sauté them that way. Slice up your garlic cloves and get those ready as well. When the peppers are done boiling in the water use tongs to pull them out and place them in your already prepped baking dish.

Coat a skillet with coconut oil or OMghee and sauté the meat with the garlic, onion/onion powder and other seasonings. Once the meat is browned, add the squash and zucchini and cook until the veggies are soft. Drain the meat and veggies of any extra juices.

Chop the slices up into 4 pieces-- or use a bigger pan than I have.

Chop the slices up into 4 pieces– or use a bigger pan than I have.

Add the can of tomato paste to the meat and stir it up. Then spoon the meat and veggies into the peppers and place those bad boys in the oven for 15 minutes. No need to cover them or anything. If you’re doing primal you can sprinkle some cheese on top when they come out. YUMMO!

I hope some of these recipes will come in handy for y’all. They are a great source of protein– and if you’re not doing paleo, consider adding some rice or Quinoa to the stuffing! I’ve got 3 leftover peppers to munch on for lunch this week and chicken enchilada stew for dinner. I’m all set and man…it feels good to know I won’t be spending any money on meals for a few days!

Happy cooking, y’all!


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