Embracing the Curves

Hi y’all! We’ve had some pretty nice temps this week so far, even though it’s only Tuesday. It’s such a sweet relief to be able to drive to work with my sunroof open! The winters in DC just seem to get colder and longer each year. It’s about time spring finally showed her face!

With the warmer temps comes the summer dresses, swimsuits, tank tops and my beloved slippahs (aka flippy floppys). Unfortunately, I am not one of those people that spend all winter preparing their body to be bikini ready. I’ve noticed I’m actually the opposite of that. I’m not made for cold weather, so I tend to hibernate on my couch in front of the fire place with a glass of wine and a box of mac and cheese. (Remember folks, FitWithLo is a judgement free zone) I make myself get to the gym here and there so I don’t fall COMPLETELY off the wagon, but I’m definitely and not as motivated as I am during the summer months and I don’t really know why. Getting bikini ready should be reason enough to get my butt up and get moving, right?

But you know what? At two months shy of my 30th birthday, I think I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I have learned to love my body for what it is and embrace every curve, dimple and stretch mark I have.  Because I FEEL good. I FEEL healthy. I am and probably always will be a work in progress when it comes to fitness and my weight, but that is OK as long as I keep moving, right? Right! I am finally to a point to where I am focusing on how I feel rather than how I look and my oh my, is it liberating. 

Some of you may have seen the #loveyourlines campaign that Chrissy Teigen accidentally started when she posted a picture on Instagram that showed her having stretch marks. Gasp! You mean former Sports Illustrated swimsuit models have STRECH MARKS?! Yep they are human, too. Hats off to you, Chrissy. You started a campaign without even meaning to and are helping women embrace and LOVE their bodies– which is a huge feat in today’s society.

You go girl, show them stretchies!

You go girl, show them stretchies! (I know you can’t really see them in this picture, but look her up on IG)

My gym has a member that comes out and take photos during some of the WODs we do on Saturday’s and then they post the album of photos to their Facebook page. A picture was taken of me running during last weeks WOD and I contemplated not tagging myself in it because…well, I don’t think I look skinny. In fact, I think it makes me look chubby! But then I figured– hey, I’m a work in progress and I’m proud of that. So I tagged myself, for all of the Facebook world to see. I know this isn’t as big a deal as posting a picture of my stretch marks on social media, but I think it shows that while I don’t have the perfect body, I am proud of the work I’m putting in to be healthy. As long as you are trying, staying active and just making an effort to be healthy then it doesn’t matter what you look like. What matters is how you feel.

And they say black is slimming...!

And they say black is slimming…!

Ladies. Stop comparing your body to what you see on TV and in magazines. Stop comparing your body to what it looked like before you had a baby. Stop comparing your body to what it looked like before you sat at a desk for 8+ hours a day. Stop comparing your body to what it looked like in High School. Stop comparing your body to anything and everything other than what it is. Embrace it. Love it. Cherish it. Because once YOU start to do these things then you’ll realize that other people see you the same way you do…and that, is fabulous

OK, I’m stepping off my soap box for the day.

Happy body loving, y’all!




About Fit With Lo

I'm your average girl working as a PR professional in Washington, DC and documenting my passion for fitness, food and family. Thanks for joining me on my trek to wellness
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