Running Diary, Entry 1: Ugh

45 thoughts I had on my run this morning:
1. Woo hoo! The weather is perfect, no humidity, thank God! Let’s get moving!
2. Whoa, where did that breeze come from? I hate running when it’s windy.
3. Oh good, I can rest at the stop light that isn’t even a quarter mile from my building.
4. Don’t worry, you’ll start to feel good soon. You know the first mile is always the hardest.
5. Ouch my knee.
6. Why don’t other runners wave back at me? I’m just trying to say good morning.
7. Does that mean I’m not a REAL runner? Are REAL runners too in the zone to say hi to people?
8. Oh cute puppy!
9. Why do my legs feel like tree stumps?
10. Why does this suck so much this morning?
11. How has it only been a mile and a half? I have three and a half more to go?
12. Maybe I’ll just do 2 miles today.
13. Ugh, don’t be lazy.
14. This is not going to be one of those “break through” runs. Nope. Not today.
15. Should I see a Chiropractor about my back? It’s so tight all the time.
16. Is this what happens when you turn 30? Your body breaks down?
17. Maybe your 20’s weren’t so bad after all. You never needed to see a Chiropractor in your 20’s.
18. Oh look there is that girl and her dog that you always see, and yes, she is still smokin your ass.
19. Is it normal for a dog to run that fast?
20. Maybe if you switch up your route it won’t be as hard. Yea, let’s cross the street.
22. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy
23. Oh great, a hill. Said no one ever.
24. Attack the hill!
25. Eyes up, you almost just face planted in front of the fire truck full of cute firemen that drove by. Get it together Lo.
26. Oh this is a good song, I’ll pick up my pace.
28. I wish running was as easy as that girl makes it look.
29. Whatever, I can probably squat more than her.
30. Why did I sign up to run a marathon?!
31. I don’t even like running.
32. At least it’s not humid. I’m not sweating that much. Does that mean I’m dehydrated?
33. Crap. I have to go to the bathroom.
34. Why am I running to slow today?
35. Maybe it’s all the box jumps from last night?
36. No, you’re just slow.
37. At least it’s not winter.
39. That sucked.
40. Don’t get hit by a car.
42. Oh crap I think that was my neighbor, I hope he didn’t catch me giving him the stink eye.
43. I’m glad Sue didn’t run with me today, she would have been bored with how slow I’m moving.
44. That sucked but at least I got it done.
45. What the heck, that was only 3.42 miles?! Damn it.

Slow and steady! (does not win this race.)

Slow and steady! (does not win this race.)

Needless to say, today was not one of my best runs. I’m not sure why, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. I know there will be days like this and then there will be days when I have those breakthrough runs and feel myself getting stronger!

I’m glad I can mark this off my todo list for the day. I’ll try again tomorrow and will hopefully have a better run!




About Fit With Lo

I'm your average girl working as a PR professional in Washington, DC and documenting my passion for fitness, food and family. Thanks for joining me on my trek to wellness
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3 Responses to Running Diary, Entry 1: Ugh

  1. Jrach says:

    Way to gut through it! Although you had my in stiches!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ishouldrun says:

    Love #10 & 34! YES to #16! And I feel your pain with #30. 😦 I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one with this type of steady commentary in my head on runs.


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