The Year of Fear

Oh my lanta! Things have been busy. Life is getting in the way of life and I’m neglecting this precious little wannabe fitness blog. Switching gears from fitness to life with this post. Hope ya don’t mind.

My friend and I ventured off for one of our annual beach trips last weekend and headed to Cape May, NJ. Jersey Shore– gross, right? No way. This place is the bees knees and a hidden gem when you think of all the other jersey beaches that get attention. Unfortunately, it rained the entire weekend and the temps didn’t get above 72. The sun did not show its face until Sunday morning. Just in time for us to pack up and head back to DC. I hit the beach at 9am and enjoyed my cup of coffee out there before we packed up and headed home. I wouldn’t call it a TOTAL bust but I did not come home all Hawaiian looking like I would have preferred.

Beautiful Cape May Point!

Beautiful Cape May Point!

While we were there I finished reading My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock. Have you heard of it? I heard of it after reading this article that was all over the inter-webs a few weeks ago. The author was inspired by an Eleanor Roosevelt quote and decided to take a year off (after being let go from her six figure job) to do one scary thing a day before her 30th birthday. She doesn’t go over every single fearful thing she did, but she focused on the major ones and the impact they had on her personal growth. She is a charming writer that brought a lot of humor to some serious stuff– so I would suggest you check it out if you’re in the market for a new book. (Side note, can I have her life? I’ll happily scoop ice cream in the Caribbean; even if it means having a chicken in my shower.)


Sitting on the porch of our beach house and after a few too many bud light limes, my friend and I decided that we are going to borrow Noelle’s concept and do the same thing. Except we scaled it back to being one scary thing a month– for the next year. One month we will focus on my friends fear, and the next month we will focus on mine. Our fears are different but we’ll be there to support each other through the process. Yea teamwork!

Important decision making material.

Important decision making material.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t think either one of us is 100% certain of what we are trying to get out of this little experiment. Maybe some change, maybe some excitement, maybe some personal growth or maybe we’re just looking for something to do on the weekend. Either way, I think it will be an adventure and at the end of it I’m sure we’ll have something to take away from and reflect on.

I will be sure to document our “Year of Fear” as we get things going. We’ve already decided what our first fear factor will be– but you’ll have to stay tuned for that. Our Year of Fear begins in July!

Happy fearlessness y’all!


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