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I'm your average girl working as a PR professional in Washington, DC and documenting my passion for fitness, food and family. Thanks for joining me on my trek to wellness

Year of Fear: Fear One!

She did it! Sam conquered her first fear of the year! A couple weeks ago we took a gal pal trip up to Cape May and decided to take a step out of our comfort zone once a month for … Continue reading

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Running Diary Entry 4: Hill Repeats

Hill repeats. Also known as pure misery. I am really digging my running group! (Who am I?!?!) I think I’ve told you before that on Wednesday nights we meet at the track to do speed work, right? Well right now … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Fried Rice (sort of)

I slept in until 7am this morning! That never happens! Then I laced up my shoes and hit the streets. I logged my easy 3 miles even though I told myself I would run 4. Last night I thought to … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipe

Hi friends! I apologize in advance that this post doesn’t have any pictures to go along with the recipe, but I didn’t think I’d end up writing about it until after I ate it and realized how yummy and easy … Continue reading

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Running Diary Entry 3: Real Talk

REAL TALK: Ladies, don’t get a bikini wax the day before a long run. That is all.

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Running Diary Entry 2: Speed Work

I never thought I would say this, but running has been a little therapeutic for me lately. I tell ya, when I miss a few days of working out I get in a serious funk. Work has been insane the … Continue reading

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The Year of Fear

Oh my lanta! Things have been busy. Life is getting in the way of life and I’m neglecting this precious little wannabe fitness blog. Switching gears from fitness to life with this post. Hope ya don’t mind. My friend and … Continue reading

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Running Diary, Entry 1: Ugh

45 thoughts I had on my run this morning: 1. Woo hoo! The weather is perfect, no humidity, thank God! Let’s get moving! 2. Whoa, where did that breeze come from? I hate running when it’s windy. 3. Oh good, … Continue reading

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Marathon Training Plan

Hi hi hi! Look at me…two posts in one week! I hoping that by posting about my marathon training, some of you readers out there can help me be accountable and stick with it! When I ran my first marathon … Continue reading

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Zembiec Memorial WOD

Ok, ok…blogging is hard to keep up with on a regular basis. Especially when you have a fitness blog and you haven’t exactly been practicing what you preach the last couple of weeks. Forgive me! Regardless, the month of May … Continue reading

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