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Year of Fear: Fear One!

She did it! Sam conquered her first fear of the year! A couple weeks ago we took a gal pal trip up to Cape May and decided to take a step out of our comfort zone once a month for … Continue reading

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The Year of Fear

Oh my lanta! Things have been busy. Life is getting in the way of life and I’m neglecting this precious little wannabe fitness blog. Switching gears from fitness to life with this post. Hope ya don’t mind. My friend and … Continue reading

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Embracing the Curves

Hi y’all! We’ve had some pretty nice temps this week so far, even though it’s only Tuesday. It’s such a sweet relief to be able to drive to work with my sunroof open! The winters in DC just seem to … Continue reading

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Plans on Plans on Plans

I have deemed this weekend my planning weekend! What kind of planning am I doing, you ask? Meal planning and training planning. On Monday I’m starting another Whole30. For real this time. I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and get … Continue reading

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Skill Work: The Snatch

The Snatch. Such a lovely name, right? It’s probably one of the most dreaded Olympic lifts out there. It is a difficult lift that requires a lot of strength, mobility and good technique. I personally love it. I love the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Shmuesday

Yesterday was Tuesday but it had the symptoms of a classic Monday.  You could say it was a low down no good kind of day. The kind where when it’s FINALLY time to go home at the end of the … Continue reading

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Fitness Class Review: Soul Cycle

On Tuesday I tried something new! Unless you live under a rock then you’ve probably heard about the newest fitness craze making its way around the country– Soul Cycle. This trendy spin studio opened up five weeks ago in DC … Continue reading

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